Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity Alumni Society – USA/Canada, Inc. [“Society”] (a) to promote and perpetuate the spirit of brotherhood inculcated upon the members when they joined the Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity as students of the Institute of Law of the Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines; (b) to promote the professional well-being of its members; (c) to participate, promote, support and take active interest in the social, cultural, moral and civic welfare of the community; (d) to encourage, foster and maintain the standards of integrity, professional competence, and public service that is worthy of the admiration by the Society and the community as a whole; (e) to promote and support fraternal activities of TKP brothers still in law school; and to solicit, collect, and otherwise raise money to expend, contribute, and handle and dispose of the same for such purposes.

More specifically and on a yearly basis, we shall adopt and pursue programs designed to assist resident members, i.e. law students, of the Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity, to prepare for the bar examinations in the Philippines given in September every year. The assistance will primarily be financial. In cooperation with TKP alumni based in the Philippines, we will provide review materials and lectures.

In addition, and depending on the financial standing of our Society, we shall provide financial assistance to others in need, particularly those resulting from natural calamities, in the Philippines, as well as here in the United States and Canada.

We seek to accomplish our mission with the support of our members and the community.