Prior to its incorporation, the TKP USA/Canada group has already been providing financial assistance to the Tau Kappa Phi, Inc. through the generous donations of its members. The Tau Kappa Phi, Inc. organizes the yearly the Bar Ops in which resident brothers, who are taking the bar examinations, are provided with overnight accommodation on the eve of the bar exams, meals before and during the exams and exam tips and materials. This is a major project of the Tau Kappa Phi, Inc. especially in terms of funding. Usually, most of the funds are coming from alumni brothers living both in the Philippines and abroad. You may read about the 2014 Bar Ops here.

The TKP USA/Canada has also started supporting the TKP 1948 Website, which is the information outlet of the TKP fraternity at large.

The Board is currently discussing more projects and programs one of which is funding a scholarship program for deserving brethrens.